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"It doesn't matter how you start, it matters how you finish."
- Harriet Cammock
Harrie Cammock speaking in Meto-Detroit

Harriet speaking at a church in Metro-Detroit in October 2019.

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Harriet Cammock's mission is to transform the lives of women and children who have been affected by violence. Since 2006, Harriet has organized panels, spoken at conferences, advocated for an end to violence, and published three books.

Harriet's message is based on the principle of overcoming obstacles through sheer force of will. Combined with her own special brand of chutzpah, Harriet upholds the ideals of tenacity, courage, and fighting for what's right.

As a former undocumented immigrant and survivor of domestic violence, Harriet credits her life skills to her grandmother, who instilled precious values of personal strength. These values later helped her survive the physical, mental, and emotional trauma of violence she experienced during her marriage.

Through targeted advocacy, public speaking appearances, and her Down To Earth podcast, Harriet now brings awareness to the effects that abuse has on individuals all across the world.

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